When it comes to finding a roofing contractor, many homeowners have no idea how to proceed in order to get the best results. There are many roofing service providers out there, all competing between themselves to lure customers. They will promise outstanding services, low rates, quality work, however, there are some things that many contractors will never tell you. Here are some:

“Our contract favors me…”

roofer at workOnce you’ve chosen your roofing contractor, the next thing to do is sign the contract. You will notice that most contractors will present you with a standard agreement, based on one created by the American Institute of Architects. This agreement includes a payment schedule, materials used and details about the job. The most common problem is when the contractor organizes a payment schedule that lets your money go ahead of the work. This means that, at one point, your contractor will receive 50% of the total payment for 25% of the work, and that’s when they stop showing up as often.

“The license is worthless.”

A few people know that only twenty seven states have actually roofing licensing requirements. Furthermore, these licensing requirements are very easy to meet. Most of them resume to proving financial solvency and passing a written exam, which is in fact a very simple test. In other words, when it comes to roofing, licenses are worthless. Just because your roofing contractor is licensed, doesn’t mean they will do a good job.

“Bargains don’t exist.”

As any homeowner will do, before you settle with one contractor, you’ll probably solicit a few estimates. When one contractor offers you a very attractive price, you may think you’ve lucked out. Companies that offer rates too good to be true should be avoided. What usually happens is the contractor starts the job based on a low price, and then they tell you that the project is more complex as they’ve first estimated and the price is higher. In order to avoid such scams, make sure you always sign a detailed contract before you make any payments.

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