Roof Repair Options

Does your roof have missing tiles? Are you in need of high quality repairs?

Welcome to Troutt Roofing Inc!

Our Salem OR based company is here to address all of your roof repair needs! Our esteemed business opened shop in 1989, and since then we have provided high quality roofing results to our customers in the area! As a respectable roofing contractor, we are fully licensed and ready to exceed your expectations! Here are a few examples of the services we can provide for you:

We offer first class roofing repairs.– roof inspection and evaluation
– roof repair
– roof maintenance
durable metal roofing
– and more!

Repairing a roof is not an easy task, and this is why Troutt Roofing Inc advises the folks of Salem OR not to undertake such a task by themselves! A lot of roofing repair tasks take place high above the ground – any attempt by a non professional may result in serious injury! Our highly experienced and trained specialists possess all the necessary knowledge and equipment in order to complete your roofing repairs without accidents! We follow all the necessary safety protocols in order to complete our job in a secure work environment!

Compared to our competitors, we never overlook any details – even the smallest ones. Every single screw and tile are important, as they will be a part of the tight structural integrity of your roof. Our qualified specialists always work with the utmost respect for your property – this is how we always achieve impeccable results, and deliver the satisfaction our customers desire. Don’t hire a freelancer who doesn’t know what he is doing – call our professional services now, and we will answer without delay!

All of our roof repair services come at competitive and affordable prices – you don’t have to worry about your check book! If you need more information on our company or services, pleas call the number listed below and we will be glad to provide you with assistance!

(503) 363-9121

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